My doctor is awful


So she knows I’ve been on Zofran this entire pregnancy just to hold down water and toast. Well today when I called for a refill my doctor told me she’s not prescribing it anymore and to find another way to deal with it. I haven’t held down more than 2 meals (which was toast) in 3 days and I vomit water, I can’t hold anything down and she doesn’t care. Does anyone know if another doctor will except me into their practice at 23 weeks? I need someone who understands that my baby is much worse off without Zofran than with it.


When I started crying about this my SO basically told me it’s not a big deal and to get over it and that Zofran is so toxic and he agrees with my doctor basically. I hope he gets super sick and gets told no to medicine that could help him because honestly if it were reversed I’d be his biggest advocate and supporter in helping him get what he needs to feel better. Honestly might need a new man along with a new doctor 😂🤷🏻‍♀️