Sleep regression

My son has never been a great sleeper. I mean he takes 4 naps through the day of 45 mins to an hour long. I make sure he doesnt get overtired so i could get some things done through the day. Due to him not being a great sleeper I have read about this issue for like 2 months already, so I bought every product that could possibly help my baby sleep through the night or at least give me a long stretch of more than 3 hours but nothing at all seems to help, ive wasted so much money so i decided im not going to buy anything else. Last week he gave me 4 days of just waking up once I was so happy but did not get excited because it was too good to be true. So then this week he is just taking naps of 30 min or less and at night he is waking up every hour he doesnt want me to put him down, he just wants to sleep on top of me which is killing my back. I know a lot of babies right now are going through this and somehow im happy im not the only one... i am a tireddddddd mom!!!!