So was at my moms house alone. I hear someone at the door so thinking it was my brother I go to open it. Now let me tell you. THIS WAS NOT MY BROTHER. This FOLKS was a HOT, BEAUTIFUL, MOST ATTRACTIVE BOY I HAVE EVER TALked TO. He’s a college student and he’s doing this summer program internship trying to inform families ab college shit. He explained it to me but I was too focused on this beautiful boy in front of me tbh. He was super nice and sweet. He had brown curly hair, he was nicely built, at least 6’1 , I believe he was mixed race because he had nice tan skin. His lips were big and pink, he had gorgeous brown eyes. OMG. He had arm tattoos, not covering his entire arm but just a band wrapped around his bicep.

I told him I was graduated HS (which I am) and I already got a college lined up so I’m all set. So then he asks me if I can help him cross off other houses that Ik don’t have kids my age. So I’m helping him with that, he tells me he lives in Nebraska (which I live in VT) and so anyways. I’m helping him, we are flirting a bit and then my fucking brother pulls up. He’s very over protective so it got a bit awkward. Then the nice hot boy, who’s name I forget, says he will let us get back to family time or whatever lol. God, my hormones are fucking crazy.

*this was a step up for me cuz the last two year I was home schooled and so my social skills are terrible but I guess being caught off guard worked cuz we were talking a good bit. Damn it I miss him. I swear if I just had like 5 more minutes we possibly couldn’t exchanged Snapchat’s. 😭😭😭 THANK You BROTHER