Rant, Sister In Law

Alexandria • Survivor 💖 Mother to 2 👼👼in heaven, A 4 y/o perfect girl, and Due September 14, 2020 with my 🌈Boy🥰🤩

I've been trying for almost 3 fricken years to get pregnant, and I've experiences MC after MC- loss after loss- and my son (Would've been my rainbow baby) was born stillborn this month on the 3rd. I'm TTC again and i'm hoping it happens soon.

So my sister in law (bear with me) had a baby a few months ago. Hes something like 3 and a half months now. She texts me telling me she's pregnant again. Can't help but be mad and jealous. Because she literally wasn't even TRYING to get pregnant. I've been trying for so long and considering how many losses I've been through at my age,(21) it's just kind of discouraging.

Also who does that shit. Who texts somebody who's grieving their baby's loss talking about, HEY I'm __ Weeks pregnant. I can't even be happy for her like I want to. I told my husband and cried my eyes out.