I had a miscarriage last week


Yesterday was supposed to be my 1st doctors visit for my pregnancy. Saturday I would have been 6 weeks. I miscarried last week, and now that the physical pain has gone away, I’m back to feeling empty. The grief just comes in waves. I’m pissed and I’m sad. Pissed that we have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years, and sad that when we did get pregnant, we miscarried. There are times of the day when I feel strong, and other times when I feel like I could cry for hours. This kind of pain, I am so sorry to anyone that has had to go through this. Not only do you suffer through physical pain but the emotional pain is also horrible. My husband is what is keeping me together, but some days I wish I could just be okay again. It’s tough. I know everything heals with time, but I feel like I’ve been stuck in this nightmare for forever.

Sorry if you’re reading this and it’s just full of sadness, I needed to get this out somehow and I thought by doing this, it may help someone else going through it. You’re not alone, and you should embrace the emotions you’re feeling. You’re allowed to feel a certain way about it. That’s grief. “Feel what your heart needs to feel even it hurts.”