I need to vent 👌

I’ve had 2 miscarriages with my current boyfriend. He has been there for me through thick and thin 🤞 he loves me no doubt about it but he can’t leave his mom. I was living with him for about 3 months. It was HELL! His mom would always be coming in our room she wouldn’t clean the house I would even be washing her own clothes 💆‍♀️. There care a time would she would even throw away food I had just made to the trash like umm okay? She would start fights about her son “not spending time”. So I left that house because I wasn’t going to let someone treat me bad and him not even stand up to me and request solutions to the problem. It’s been about 5 months since we’ve been living apart he’s constantly tell me that we will get a place to just give him time . Every time I take him to go see an apartment he says it’s not enough. Like in all reality he just don’t want to leave his mom. He talks about let’s try and have a baby and I ask him how if we aren’t even together. I have a car he can’t even help me get insurance. I just found myself a job and I’m taking Uber’s to work. I asked him once if I could borrow his car to go to interviews he made up an excuse talking about work got to busy he couldn’t come drop off the car and the night before I told him I would wake up early so I could get the car and he could be at work and I would just pick him up after he said no that he needed it when the car sits all day long. I currently got my full license I’m 20 so yes a little late but I am finally doing things for my own I’m starting to realize we won’t ever be happy together because his mom is always in the picture. His “I need time” will never come to an end. After all the let downs and all the heart breaks I’m ready to start parting myself from him. I know there is someone out there who will appreciate me more then he ever did 🤞 it hurts to even mention me getting away from him but it’s for the best I should be a choice ..