Has anyone transitioned their babe to the crib yet?

My son officially started rolling from back to belly last week and it’s all he ever wants to do! He goes back and forth constantly and is so strong. His bassinet is too small now since he wants to roll. Plus his teacher at daycare says he loves sleeping on his belly now. I just had him take his first nap in his crib. He started out on his back, rolled to his side, and then back to his back. Everything went well and he slept SO well. Do I start him in the crib officially? I’m so sad he won’t be in our room anymore and freaked out because he’s not 6 months yet. We have a monitor that alerts me when there’s sound or movement and I’m a light sleeper now. I just don’t know what to do!


He’s been in his crib for 3 nights now without any issues! He loves the space! He’s getting more sleep, but dad and I are still anxiously watching the monitor because he loves sleeping on his belly and we’re checking to see if he’s breathing lol. So far so good!