Fear That I Am Pregnant

I’m afraid that I could be pregnant. my boyfriend and I have had sex with a condom on all but 2 times and he pulled out both times before he came. There was one time though in which he hadn’t pulled out to change the condom before he got hard again (we were really in the moment) but once he started to get hard again he remembered to change the condom. I’m worried because my period is 5 days late and I have no other symptoms besides tender breasts, acne and being super hungry , bloated and constipated which is normal for me before my period I haven’t had any cramps though which isn’t normal usually I have cramps and they are usually bad and I get a bit nauseous. idk if it’s because we’ve been having sex a lot or if it’s because I could be stressed or my body thinks it’s pregnant but I’m not or my hormones are just fucking whack I’m 18 I’ve had my period since I was 11 and I usually only miss during the month of my birthday (which is whack). Idk if this is helpful either but I was also a Virgin up until a few weeks ago. Idk what to think please help.