Has anyone went threw I’m going threw


So on the 8th of June this month I had unprotected sex with the love of my life. a week after I was having head aches back to back and nausea really bad especially in the morning or when first wake up. also while I was at work felt like I was going to pass out and felt sick really bad to the point I wanted to go to the er. I have not yet gotten my period ( 19 days to be exact ) and I’ve went to the doctor twice while the head aches and nausea was happening. they’ve both told me I wasn’t pregnant, and now my freaking nipples won’t stop hurting. If they touch anything or I rub on accident it just hurts so bad like I stubbed my toe on a corner. I’m scared to take a test, I’ve been holding back on my anxiety meds because if it is possible that I am pregnant I don’t want it to harm the baby. so I want to ask my fellow woman out there if they went threw the same thing. PLEASE AND THANK YOU