Very emotional

I’m 19, and moving into my own apartment soon (within the next month) and I can’t help but cry every time I really think about it. I’m not anywhere close to ready when it comes to me moving out, but I’m seven months pregnant, and there’s no room in my house with my parents, and siblings. I’m going to miss my mom, and brothers, and sister so much. I also feel somewhat guilty, and bad for my mother, because I help her out a lot, and I’m really the only help she has when it comes to the kids. I feel like I can’t leave her to do it all on her own. The funny thing is, my apartment is less than 3 minutes away, and in literal walking distance to my house now. I guess I’m just sad that I’m leaving my bedroom, and life, pretty much everything I know. I’m going to miss just being able to walk out and talk with them etc. :(