My sons special needs...

He has a birth injury caused brain damage and when we met with his nuro they told us he more than likely will have problems with movement his whole life and they aren’t sure if he has CP because he does have low tone.

I’m so exhausted. Not sleep wise but life wise. The 6 therapies his doc recommended aren’t helping and now we don’t even have enough for rent due to his medical bills. I love him so much but sometimes I think I made the wrong choice having him. If I had little quality of life like the doc is hinting he will have I wouldn’t want to live. I feel sorry I had him because I feel like he’s suffering. We live every day doing so much to keep him happy and know he’s loved but it’s not enough. I’m crying right now admitting this because I feel like a bad mom.

When I hear other moms talking they are saying how their babies are crawling now and he’s not even rolling and might not ever. I’m mostly just ranting.