2nd or 3rd time moms?

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Anyone else feel like pregnancies are really hard on their marriage? This is our fourth baby so I’m “use to it” by now but I swear during every pregnancy we get to a point where intimacy is scares, we have sex maybe once every couple weeks, and cuddling is pretty much non existent. my husband just isn’t into it, and I literally hate that he gets like this. I love being intimate with him and cuddling and I can tell when we are intimate it’s just for me. It sucks bc like everyone else I’m super hormonal and emotional and every pregnancy I get super caught up in my head thinking he hates my pregnant body etc. we’ve talked about it, and he says he just gets freaked out by things very easily, like he gets worried that he’s going to hurt me or the baby, or he’s worried that I don’t like it etc. I honestly believe him but it still hurts my feelings, and sometimes I still think that he doesn’t like my pregnant body. it just sucks bc we’re on two separate pages currently. I knows things will go back to normal after our son is born, it always does but I still have 16 weeks to go. I’m honestly just a little salty that he can’t suck it up and sacrifice for me for just a few weeks. I do so much for our family and being pregnant isn’t easy I feel like being intimate is the least he could do to show me he cares or is appreciative. He knows this and he says he tries but it’s honestly not enough. I can’t wait for October so things can go back to normal. Sorry for ranting, I guess I’m just looking for women with similar experiences or validation for my feelings.