Don’t know if this is enough to break up with fiancé


We’ve been together for two years (we’re both 23) and have a 10 month old daughter together. Here’s our problems short version

1. He has no regard/sympathy for feelings and emotions. I have borderline personality disorder so any emotions I feel are so intense and i have a lot of them. It hurts me that he doesn’t seem to care.

2. I’ve been struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. I’ve gained 60 lbs after baby and feel awful about myself. He encourages me to lose weight but never expresses that he loves me for who I am or proud that I created a life (the day after I had my baby he looked at me in disgust and asked me when my belly will go back down).

3. Anytime I try to tell him about these problems, somehow he will flip it around on me and tell me how shitty I am. Nothing ever gets fixed because he’s “tired of being the problem”. I’ve tried time after time to be understanding and patient, but I’m totally past the point of even trying to make things work anymore.

I’m not sure if I’m just being way too sensitive to tiny problems, but they just make me feel as if he doesn’t care much about me as much as he hurts me.