Tired of all the questions😭


When I was still pregnant, I hated how everyone was always asking how I was doing, but thought it would stop.

Now my baby is 3 1/2 weeks old and it's still constant! My inlaws came to the hospital THREE times the day she was born (once while I was still in the delivery room😐) and two more times in the following days (was in for 3 days). They came over the day we brought her home, and two days after that.

My mom was just visiting from out of state, so she was staying with us for 9 days. This is only my 3rd day alone with my baby and my MIL will not leave me alone😤

The day my mom left she texted saying she's off the rest of the week if I need help. Yesterday she texted my husband asking if I need her to come over. Just now she texted me asking if I'm enjoying my time alone with her

I appreciate her offering, but give me some time to figure out my new life! Seriously unless you can also produce milk I don't need your help!

They want us to come over again tomorrow for a going away party they're throwing, but it'll be 30+ people so I don't see that happening