When to Announce...HELP

My husband and I found out we are pregnant yesterday. We are going to see all of our out of state parents and siblings in the next few weeks, but I’m not quite 5 weeks along. We’d love to announce in person, and it seems like our only opportunity, but it’s early. Too early, maybe?

The trickiest part is that we get to see them all for my sister’s wedding. Surely I can’t announce during her wedding weekend, right? I wouldn’t want to compete with her spotlight, but she’s so easy going I’m not sure it would even bother her.

The tricky part is my mom and siblings know we have been trying for a while, so they may notice things others wouldn’t. If I’m sick or not drinking champagne for the toast, they’ll know. Do I just pretend to take a sip during the toast and act like I picked up a bug or something on the plane? The logistics are beginning to worry me as I’ll be entering the time where most women get morning sickness.

I wouldn’t even ask about this because I don’t want to steal her spotlight, but this is also the only time we know of that will see my family before the birth - not even sure we will during the holidays this year.

Should I call my sister and tell her and ask what she thinks? Or should I keep my mouth shut, hope the logistics work out, and just announce over the phone later on in my pregnancy?