Happy I stuck it through and did it my way


I’m so happy I stuck it through and didn’t give up on breastfeeding.

When I had my daughter I wasn’t really producing milk and had to supplement then I had it in my head mostly from what people were telling me to just nurse as much as possible so I wasn’t getting off the couch I was exhausted and I was feeling like a crap mom when I did have to give her a little formula to give my body a break. My daughter wouldn’t sleep for more then 10 mins during the day and only with my nipple in her mouth it was a lot

My daughter is now a month old and while I do supplement a little with formula it’s less and less, I’m able to pump extra to put in the fridge, and we have a better schedule working out.

But it feels amazing that my body is helping her grow and it’s less stressful that if she needs more it’s okay to give her some formula.