Marital issues after 2nd baby

I have heard so many friends talk about their marriage worsening and I never thought this would be us after a second baby. My husband has become very rude, raising his voice at me, very distant and I feel wants nothing to do with me. He doesn't provide emotional support and doesn't give me any compliments anymore, not even while I was pregnant. I'm so hurt and honestly at the stage of being pissed and am shutting down. He knows there are issues but chooses to ignore them & doesn't wanna talk about it. I'm spending my maternity leave feeling very miserable. No sleep, not showering or brushing my teeth until late afternoon, sleep patterns erratic to care for newborn and taking care of my older kiddo in the evenings. He has no idea what I put up with on a daily basis & having our marriage fall apart is not helping. No wonder why so many woman go through PPD. He never asks me how I feel or how I am either. That alone is depressing and upsetting. He just makes me feel unwanted