Should this bother me??


So I was on my husbands Snapchat I like to take videos and pics and I’ve been noticing that he’s been adding girl on there at first it didn’t really Carr but through out the day i noticed that he’s been adding more and more girls and it not like it’s boys and girls it’s legit ALL GIRLS so when i noticed that it was getting a little excessive I asked who the girls were he got very weird and started stumbling and it’s not like one girl every day it’s like a span of 4 days and about 10 girls he’s added I told him I don’t care who they are but I now if I started adding a while bunch of guys you would feel some type of way it was like 1 am so I just went to bed cuz he got all weird and awkward THEN he ends up sleeping in the living room ?!?!! Wtf we weren’t fighting I legit asked a single question so I was low key booty tickled idk should I be feeling a type of way that he’s been adding ONLY girls

I forgot to add this isn’t the first time he’s done this last time was when he looked up porn starts at work