Are you implantation bleeding or miscarriaging?

Please delete/ report if not allowed, but I wanted to share my journey of going through a chemical pregnancy. I spend hours trying to find the difference on Glow, Google, etc before I just had to go with my gut and know I wasn’t carrying anymore. I just wanted to let whoever else out there in the same situation I was in what I went thru. Every pregnancy is different, so my story will differ, but here’s my experience.

It was just last week when my partner and I were so excited that we have finally conceived. I couldn’t believe that I finally got the second line on three pregnancy tests! I was eating healthier, logging my water intake, downloaded Glow <a href="">Nurture</a>, and starting a private Pinterest board for clothes, names, nursery- you name it!

It wasn’t a bright second line, but it was a second line and we were so happy!

On this last Friday, I noticed that my symptoms were lessening- the biggest one for me was breast tenderness. I also accumulated a headache and I started cramping lightly. Everything that would seem normal for pregnancy symptoms from week 4 to week 5.

On Saturday, that’s when things really took a turn. I slept restlessly on Friday from the amount of cramps I was having. I thought it was normal because I wasn’t bleeding- just my uterus making room. I would’ve been 5 weeks on Saturday. During the day, I noticed spotting. My CM was still milky with light pink. I did begin to worry then. I kept going to the bathroom anytime I felt wet, and everything still was just pink. Seemed normal. I was still cramping but nothing unbearable throughout the day. It was on Saturday night that the light pink turned to brown- nothing heavy yet.

On Sunday morning, I woke up with my underwear soaking, with cramps heavier than I could believe. It hurt from my lower back to my knees. We were traveling so any accommodation of a hot pad or sitting comfortably was a no go. When I went to the bathroom that morning, everything was red, and I just sat there just so sad and wondering if I should even have hope.

We ended up having to get panty liners, and I had to sit on a 5 hour plane ride uncomfortably cramping, bleeding, and knowing that there was nothing I could do.

By the time I got home yesterday, i was still cramping and now bleeding clots and steadily. I wanted to take a pregnancy test just to see if there was worth any note of hope, and it came back pretty negative- with a second line barely detectable. We knew.

To whoever you are out there, spending those hours worth of research on whether or not your implantation bleeding or miscarriaging, here are the symptoms I went through that made it very apparent that it was miscarriaging:

- Restlessness

- Heavy cramping from my lower back to my knees

- Spotting from pink to brown to red and red with clots

- loss of pregnancy symptoms

All in all, I just want you to know that you are not alone. I am also one of the 75% that will go through this. Much love ❤️