Keeping babies away from grandparents

Has anyone kept a baby away from a grandparent and regretted it?

Long story short, my mom and I are not getting along at all.

Her behavior and the way she has talked to me has been completely out of line and horrible.

I want my son to have a relationship with her, but I do not feel comfortable with her around him right now.

She has just been spiteful. I know the things she’s said she probably doesn’t mean, and that’s what makes it worse to me. I feel like right now she’s not thinking right and is willing to push boundaries and I feel like she would do something that could potentially harm my family without thinking of the actual consequences. (My family has a history of calling CPS on each other for false claims).

I wouldn’t mind taking my son to see her once in a while at a zoo or park or at her house for an hour or so when he’s a bit older and is able to go out to stuff like that.

My aunt asked how my mom was with my son, and I told her what happened and she told me my moms feelings are probably just hurt because she had expectations that I “took away from her”. (She’s also upset that she wasn’t allowed in the delivery room- told me she had her mom in the delivery room so I should have her in mine- later I found out she lied and never had her mom in the room, not that that makes a difference, I didn’t want her there anyways.) and my aunt (moms half sister) said her and her mom had a similar situation when she had her daughter and I should forgive my mom because she regrets keeping her daughter from her grandmother in the early years.

I just feel like I would be playing a dangerous game allowing someone access to my son that is willing to throw my dead father in my face, telling me he would be disappointed in me when I tell her I need space, and feel like it’s okay because “she misses me”

I would like my son to be apart of her life, and I don’t think she would be a bad grandparent or so anything to harm him on purpose

But I just don’t trust her at the moment