I think my hormones are off :(

This explains why I haven't been able to conceive. I am so sad...lately I've been noticing hair growing on my neck and its been making me so insecure. I mention it to my mom and she says well that explains why you can't concieve cause your hormones are off balance. I asked my doctor if I had pcos a month ago and he told me no. All my blood work looked good but I had a low T3 uptake. I have no idea what that means but it has something to do with my thyroid. Is anyone else experiencing hair growth on their neck and trying to conceive but haven't been successful? I'm only 26..I've been pregnant before when I was 21 and loss him at 29 weeks due to a bad car accident. now if I'm not able to conceive again I'm going to be so sad..may even go into depression.