Hate this TTC waiting game πŸ™

This has been some of the worst couple months 😭 My husband and I started TTC a couple months ago, this is my second ovulation since TTC and I fear that yet again, I am not going to be pregnant. I bought the Clear Blue Advanced Ovulation prediction kit and have apparently had high levels of LH for the last 8 days with no peak ovulation days. The instructions say that could mean my ovulation hormone isn't high enough to read or I'm just not ovulating. Or the kit is faulty.

Becoming pregnant with my first child was so easy but this time it feels so much harder, I feel so frustrated, disappointed, and I guess sad. We've only been trying for two months and I already want to quit because I hate the gut wrenching feeling when I see that BFN. This waiting game is so hard πŸ™