I am married 13 years now and we have a daughter... it was arranged marriage and through our marriage we had really problems at the beginning when I was pregnant he cheated I forgive him later on he was very mean with my parents and throu our marriage I don’t really trust him cause he is really flirting with girls even if I am around... I don’t think this man ever loved me or respect me ... the problem is lately I have fallen for someone so bad that I cry inside and out I haven’t told him or done something but has notice of my reaction when I see him . He was interested in me but I rejected him cause I am so scared... this love for him is killing me and I kind had this life of mine and my husband cause if he loved I I wasn’t gonna feel like that .. I am thinking of my daughter she deserves the best way to be raised...... lately my husband has somehow changed cause we run a business together and I believe he wants me only for that .... we have sex but not loving sex