Please tell me its not that bad? I am so scared

I’m due on the 24th of July.. I was TTC for years with my SO, had a miscarriage about 2 years ago. I only have 1 fallopian tube so I wasnt ovulating on the side I needed to be. But shockingly we found out Nov 2018 that I was expecting. I was shocked. Sick for days after finding out. Freaking out for 3 months before I finally was able to get a doctors appt, worried constantly about losing this baby. Then I found out I was having a healthy babygirl and happiness and excitement set in. All the while I was refusing deep down to actually believe this was real. Never thought about birth and even became what I believe would be depression during this pregnancy. How? Not sure. I should have been over the moon. I am more than happy to meet my baby but now, with 14 days left to go I am terrified. Its all setting in. Her nursery is set her carseat arrives in 3 days her hospital bag is packed but I am terrified. I honestly dont know how I am going to have her. Has anyone else been through this? I’m so scared. I cannot do this. I keep thinking she can just stay put forever. Maybe 3 more months.. she isnt coming anytime soon.. but its inevitable and shes coming. This. Month. I’m terrified. How can I calm my nerves? Will I be okay? I dont know how I will do this and I dont wanna feel like the only one whos absolutely terrified and feels like they cant do this because I need to be okay and I feel like i’ll die giving birth. I have severe anxiety about all this. I dont want an epidural either. I’m so scared please give me advice mamas.. How was birthing your first baby because I really dont think I can do this..