Best birth ever!!!!


Okay guys this won’t be too long because it was the fastest birth ever!

So on April 4, 2019 I was basically doing Uber with my fiancé and at this point I was on the last day of 36 weeks. I was getting these contractions that I didn’t really think anything about because they didn’t hurt at all it was just tightening. So that night I used my yoga ball and I was bouncing up and down on it. I went to sleep that night and it was about 4:00 at the time I woke up. Mind u I was still in bed because I usually take a while to get up (I was sooo round lol) I finally got up to go pee and suddenly felt a hush of water by this time it was 4:15am and I thought I peed on myself but when I turned on the light I seen a little pinkish clear liquid and it was still gushing. So I wake up hubby and he’s a deep sleeper so I was surprised this man jumped up soo high I thought he touched the ceiling 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I was so calm though and I was like it’s too early in the morning for this and I went back to bed. So 3 sharp pains came back to back within 5 mins and I was like NOPE not today!! I got up and went to prepare some things to take with me and his sister in law was supposed to watch my 3 year old but she wanted to come too so we all headed to the car. But my fiancé’s car didn’t want to start due to the battery dying. So we ended up going in his sisters car. Got to the emergency room and I walked in before everybody and they went to park. They got me on a wheelchair and brung me up to L&D so at this point they are cleaning the room. I got in and changed into hospital clothes I got on the bed and they were hooking up the contractions machine on me but then I told the lady I feel something and she checked me I was already 9 cm and could feel the baby’s head. They were switching me beds to a la or bed and as soon the nurse put me on the other bed the baby popped out at 5:59 weighed 7 pounds at 37 weeks.

Diana’s first day