The pain in horrendous I need advice!


Key point: I have contacted my nurse. She was Zero help. Exactly why I’m switch providers at 36 weeks (Currently 34 weeks). 😒🙄

So here’s the down low:

Sunday at 1am I start having bad Braxton Hicks. I’m not even able to sleep. It sucked. Well 5am runs around and I get sick. Diarrhea and naseua. Migrane. And period like cramps. I call my on call oh wait the phone doesn’t work on weekends 😒 so I end up calling my insurance nurse. She said to Lay down and drink water. If it didn’t get better to go on in. Well two hours later I’m managing better and little man is still kicking. So 10am we go on a family walk for a mile. No big. Came home and napped for three hours after lunch. 4pm is feels like you dropped a five pound weight inside my vagina and butt that I gotta carry around. The pressure and discomfort is ridiculous. It is now Monday night. Having the same if not worse pain with more what I assume is Braxton Hicks contractions. Now the pressure is my Lower abdomen to my butt crack. Just discomfort then a twinge of pain from the contractions.

Now obviously we aren’t all medical professionals but as my nurse gave me zero help on this situation I need y’all a input. Should I go in or stay at home and keep resting? Like I don’t want something to be wrong but I also do t wanna go up there for them to tell me oh it’s normal pregnancy shit.