Anesthesia nightmare!!

Guys help I’m terrified. So anesthesia doesn’t seem to work well on me. I have incompetent cervix and while getting my cervical stitch for my 2 year old I didn’t feel anything after getting a spinal. When giving birth to her I had a epidural that only numbed one side and they increased the dose by a lot because I ended up with an emergency c-section. The spinal wore off when they were stitching me back up after the c-section. I screamed and cried and they had to knock me out to finish stitching me. With my baby I had to get another cervical stitch at 14 weeks and the spinal didn’t work again! I felt everything and cried. They had to put me to sleep AGAIN. I’m 37 weeks 3 days scheduled for my c-section on July 22 and I am scared shitless. I’ve mentioned this issue to every anesthesiologist with all of my procedures but somehow it doesn’t work. Idk what to do 😭