Positive Pregnancy Test


Hi Everyone.

So for the longest amount of time i have been praying to become pregnant. However 2 years ago i was diagnosed with PCOS and i immediately knew I would struggle to have a baby. Finally my periods have been regular and my insulin levels have been controlled and suddenly in March 2019 i go to the gynae because of no period for the first time in 2 years and she confirms no pregnancy but my cysts are almost non exsistent anymore however she can not tell why i have missed my period. Forward 3 months today (July 2019) and i took a pregnancy test just to set my mind at ease and low and behold i get a strong postive within the first 30 seconds. Could this by any chase be a false positive. I dont want to get my hopes up and be excited and then find out its a false positive. I will be buying more tests today. But what are everybodys thoughts? Ive never had a positive since trying. So it was the biggest shock of life.