Would you consider this contractions?

Ok, so I’m 3cm dilated as of my last apt but have only noticed Braxton-Hicks, until now.

Today I’ve been getting this “cramping” feeling and pressure in my pelvic area, vagina and butt. Think of when you’re having a bad period and your Lady parts just flat out ache like you’ve been hit by a truck between your legs. Pair that with horrible pressure on the butt like you really have to poop but can’t lol.

I’ve read that contractions are more of a wave starting high and moving low and that description deff doesn’t match what I’m feeling. However I kinda think this “pain” might mean something. It’s manageable but not comfortable at all. The pain radiates to my butt (I kinda feel like my butt bones are shattering) and the inside of my thighs. Also feels like I need to potty, but I really don’t have to.

Would you call these contractions or just standard baby pressure?

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