What motherhood looks like


I'm constantly exhausted, sometimes to the point that I can't hold my eyes open, no matter how hard I try. I'm a mommy to three wonderful and beautiful babes (6 yr girl, 2 yr boy, 2 wk boy). I love them with all of my being but sometimes I just want them to go away, to just leave me alone for 5 minutes. Some days I feel like I will lose my sanity. Some days I want to scream and have a tantrum of my own. Others I want to lock myself in my room and cry for hours.

Being a mommy is hard work, it's exhausting... It's easy to feel like we are failing. It's easy to get frustrated and just want to give up... When you're sitting on the toilet at 2 am trying to poop because you haven't pooped in 4 days, but the baby is screaming because he wants held, big brother won't go to sleep because the crying is keeping him awake and he just wants his mommy too, and big sister and Daddy are out of town so there's no one home to help you. You're exhausted and frustrated because you just want 5 mintues to y

ourself and you want to cry because sometimes being a mom is just hard and you feel bad for not wanting to be a mom right now. Then you pick up your crying baby and snuggle him, you breath in his sweet baby smell and feel his soft hair and kiss those perfectly chubby cheeks... Your 2 yr old hugs and kisses your leg, while smiling up at you saying " i love you." In that moment, that tiny sliver of time, everything is perfect. Despite all of your flaws, troubles and worries, they just want you. They love you. You are their mommy, their first love, their world. It's okay to get frusterated and it's okay to want time to yourself. Just remember that these moments won't last forever and some day when the house is empty and quiet, you'll want those moments back.