Rape or not?

I was sort of talking to this guy and beginning to like him when one day after school my parents couldn’t pick me up so I stayed at his house until an after school event thing was going on. At first we were just talking then all of a sudden he kissed me and is pulling down my pants and taking off my shirt. I kept telling him to slow down but he didn’t listen. He said he was just going to finger me and then that turned to head. When I told him to stop he didn’t listen and instead he put his dick inside me. We didn’t talk for a while but we were in the same friend group so I couldn’t ignore him. We got close again and everyone was ‘shipping’ us so we started dating. The same thing kept happening over and over again until finally I just stopped fighting it. But then he wanted to do anal and I told him strictly no. He tied me up and did it anyway. Once he untied me I smacked him and he hit me back. I finally broke up with him after dating for 3 months and he still harasses me by whistling or grabbing my butt while I walk by. Is it still rape if technically I didn’t say no?