Extreme fatigue!?!? Uhhhh Bye Bye Felicia!!


I am almost 9 weeks along with baby #3. I have a 10 and 5 year old. I am also 35 years old. I felt great with baby #1 and had the most annoyingly perfect pregnancy.

Baby #2 ehhhh tougher. Sick almost 24/7 and fatigue but...

Baby #3 is like killing me. 😔When I tell you fatigue, thats the understatement of the year. 😴😕Im always tired, but more so just feel soooooo drained when ive done nothing. I am taking all my vitamins and even extra B6, iron and vitamin D (per dr.) Plus the nausea is constant as well which doesn't help.

Im glad to be pregnant and I know there are women who can't have children who would trade places with me. Im very grateful don't get me wrong. I just wonder is this bc its baby #3? Advanced age? BC I have two other kids to chase around? All of the above? Any tips or tricks??? Ive tried exercising (swimming) and it feels good while doing it but after forget about it lol.

Im hoping second trimester feels better. 💝