Help: 2 weeks Baby in pain and discomfort


Hello mamas. My baby boy has been having stomach pains for over a week now. He folds and turns in discomfort and sometimes cries out in pain when he needs to pass gas or poop.

Sometimes he will even pull away from the breast in pain or coil up.

Am a first time mom and I don't know how to relieve him of this pain.

I tried the massages. Sometimes they help in that he will poop and have a break. Also squeeze his tummy when he is having pain or hold him tight to sooth it all. Sometimes I hold him in a squatting Position to let him push it all out easily which seems to sooth it a little. But the pain is here every time he has a bowel movement.

We have been drinking fennel tea. I give him 30ml of fennel tea a day and drink a cup. Am out of ideas.

He doesn't cry endlessly so I doubt it is collic. But still I can't get myself to think this is normal n do nothing about it like my husband says. Told my midwife and she didn't offer me any help. I get frustrated really. Has anyone had this? Does it get better? He made 2 weeks today.