Are my hormones getting to me or do I have good reason?

Okay so I’ll be 21 weeks tomorrow and I still haven’t announced my pregnancy. Well at least I didn’t want to. My mom posts EVERYTHING and I have told her multiple times I don’t want anything posted about it. Yesterday, I let her take a picture of me holding my belly, trusting that she wouldn’t post it. I was wrong. She posted it and I didn’t even know until 5 hours later when she was showing me all the comments it got telling me congratulations. And to make it even better, someone who I trusted with the gender (I only told a few people) commented the the GENDER as well. I wanted these both to be special posts that I posted. I wanted this first pregnancy to be special. I’m so fucking hurt honestly because it feels like my right to announce things about my baby got stripped from me. And my mom is pissed at me because I am upset about it all being ruined for me. Am I being dramatic?

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