Sleep training choice help?!?!please mamas

Monique • ☀️💙11/28/2018💙💜due 11/30/2020💜👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Hi so my boy has been ususally good sleeping through the night 11hrs plus, (right now i believe there is a sleep regression happening waking every 3 hours) .....but getting him to sleep has always been an issues...especially with naps! Evenings isnt as bad as i do feed him (breastfeed) before sleep, and lay him down drowsy and he is 90% of the time ok, finds his thumb and passes out...but daytime naps are impossible...

So I have been looking at possible sleep training..

I would prefer not to let him cry it out, but i know there cant be more crying than he does now besides the full out extinction method which i will refuse to do, my mom instincts just cant hahaha.

So please id love suggestions on what work for your type of baby or babies and why!!! No judgement i just want life experiences 🥰