Baby fever hit hard... but 🥺


I am 32 and my husband is 35... we got married last October and baby fever has hit hard this past few months. Yesterday I got my peak LH level and mentioned it to my husband, who replied “oh good thing we know... I’d love to wait a little longer”... and my heart crushed! We were tracking and trying actively earlier this year and after a few months I gave up the obsessive tracking because the pressure was too much and a turn off for my husband. I stopped tracking but for kicks wanted to see if glow was still accurate with my peak day so I took an LH test and BOOM, high peak! I got excited and the urge to BD and try for this month and the hubs discouraged me. We didn’t do it and now I feel sad and annoyed. Once baby fever hits, it sure hits hard! We are in our 30s... we don’t have all the time in the world here!!! Even waiting a few months (which is what he wants to do) is just torture because then it’s 9 months from that point 😭😭...

Just venting, not even sure what type of response I’m looking for here but it felt good to just vent it out! So thanks for reading 💜💜