Okay, alittle back story, my husband & I had a miscarriage in October of 2018. We ended up splitting up in December of 2018.. I hooked up with an old ex of mine in January around the time of my cycle, before, during & after.. This ex & I had sex before my cycle, during my cycle, & once after my cycle.. My husband & I ended up hooking up during the time I would be going in to my fertile window.. My cycle was January 24th-28th.. I don’t remember the exact date I had sex with the ex of mine, I believe it might have been the 29th.. Anyways, my husband & I had sex on February 2nd, & then the ex & I ended up hooking up on February 8th, I believe.. I got a positive pregnancy test on February 15th.. I asked my doctor who he thought the doctor was & he says he’s about 95% sure the baby is my husbands.. What do you guys think? My doctor said the safest way to do a DNA test would be once the baby is born.. I’m due October 31st.. I wasn’t tracking my cycle at the time I concieved because I wasn’t concerned about getting pregnant at the time.. Please don’t judge..