I cried about making a video character white

There’s this companion you can have in fallout 4 and his name is X6-88. For those of you who played you’d know he’s a black guy. I downloaded a mod to change my companions appearance because I hate the vanilla hair styles. I go to change his hair and for some reason it turned him white. I disabled the mod, still white.

If I load a previous save, he is still a white guy. No matter what I do I cannot un-white him. I started crying over this lmao

It turns out you cannot edit a synths appearance even with a mod it just screws their appearance. (For people who don’t know what I’m talking about, X6-88 is a synth human and you cannot edit them) But I am just extremely emotional lately and I just wanted to change his hair and now he is forever white.

My so is laughing at me for crying about a video game lmao

For anyone who wants to see my X6-88