What is going on? ( early pregnancy question)

Justice • son born 12-9-16👦 missed miscarriage 7-12-17 at 10 weeks👼 blighted ovum 2-5-18👼baby girl born 11-25-18👧

I’m 4 weeks 2 days pregnant. I found out I was pregnant a week ago. This is my 8th pregnancy. I’ve only had two live births and one miscarriage at 10 weeks everything else was in the first couple weeks when I miscarried. Anyway I’m already having a lot of symptoms which I’m taking as a good thing. I’m having extreme heat flashes and a lot of pressure on my bladder to the point I feel like I need to pee really bad and it’s just a tiny bit. And even after I pee I feel like there’s still pressure there and I still need to go. I don’t have an infection so that’s not it. But I don’t ever remember this feeling so early on. I got it at like 8-9 weeks with my other little ones. But idk what’s going on here.... could it be twins? Twins run in the family.