Completely shocked!

Amy • 🌈 Rainbow Baby boy due 1/25/20 ❤️ First time mom 💑 Married 💃 27 🇺🇸 CA, USA

At my 12 weeks check up my husband made a comment about the baby’s feet and said “he”, so my doctor asked if we’d like her to see if you can take a guess at the sex, but made sure we understood that she couldn’t guarantee what she though and said “don’t go buying pink yet, but I think it’s a girl in there”. This is a pic of the baby’s butt, legs up in the air. 😂

I’ll admit, my husband and I were so excited of the prospect of a little girl, but we both really wanted a boy (if we could pick, lol).

So over the last week we’ve begun calling the baby her and talking about baby girl names and not definitively knowing but thinking the doctors probably right, she sees a lot of babies, she’s got to be right, right?

WRONG! This afternoon to our absolute surprise and joy we found out we are getting a boy! Seriously though, we were SHOCKED! We did the sneak peek clinical testing, we hated kind of knowing the gender so bit the bullet and payed for the testing, and we are lucky there is a clinic near by and I got my results in just one day! We are ecstatic! It’s funny because we could tell now how much we both wanted a boy by our reactions 😂

So now even though it was only a week I had begun to believe I was carrying a baby girl, I’m trying to shift my mind to realizing my little man is in there! 💙 #boymom