Boyfriend problems

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been together for 4+ months and I feel like is a toxic relationship because he’s always mad at me for texting my friends or hanging out with them but when I turn the tables and say something about him drinking and going clubbing EVERY night with his friends it’s irrelevant or childish. (I’m 19 and he’s 26) every time we get into an argument and I feel like it’s getting way overboard I decide to leave or walk away from the situation and it’s “childish” but every time he walks away it’s “adult like” and my family has been telling me it’s unhealthy because I’m still learning the real world and he’s not really helping me with it. I will admit he’s made me feel bad about myself multiple times and he always has a way of finding a reason to make it seem like he’s telling the truth. So today I’ve decided to walk away and go home and he’s called me 3 times and FaceTimed me 5 times and he’s texted me saying hurtful things about me being with another man when I’m literally at home with my father. Personally I know it’s a bad relationship but he makes me happy when he doesn’t act like this.. everyone’s telling me I should cut it off and let it be but I just don’t have the heart to do that and I want to be there for him. But I don’t know what to do.. any help?