Pregnancy test with faint positive


Hello all!

I was wondering which brands of pregnancy tests seem to be the ones giving false positives the most?

I purchased a pack of Walgreens tests because, let's face it, after years of trying with negatives and negatives, those suckers get pricey! This morning against my better judgement I took a test at the earliest possible date and got a faint positive line for the first time. Considering the faintness of the line I thought maybe I was imagining it or it was a weird glitch with this brand or something. So, as not to get my hopes up I googled and these tests have a high percentage of people saying it gave false positives! *Soul crushing a bit right?!*

Now, I am just going to wait to see if my period comes at this point and retest but it is hard not to let it get your hopes up! Has anyone had the false positive with the Walgreens brand here? Or at all? If you have but not with the Walgreens, which brand?

Thanks, baby dust to all! 💖