New to TTC


Hello ladies!

I am VERY NEW to ttc. New as in, just got off BC pill a few weeks ago. I just let the pack run out, which meant that after I ended my period I didn’t start a new pack. I just ended my fertile window, and my husband and I had unprotected sex for the last 5 days. I was expecting my ovulation to possibly be off, since I just stopped taking the pill. To my surprise, I actually ovulated when the apps said I would (I’ve been using test strips to confirm). Anyway, based on yalls experience, do you think I’ll get a normal period this month(of course if I’m not pregnant)? Since, so far my body has bounced back quickly from being on the pill? Just looking for anyone who’s been in the same spot before :) good luck to everyone!

Also, here’s a photo of the three ovulation tests I took.