Jealousy, weight gain


Ladies I hope everyone is enjoying their pregnancy because im thankful I'm pregnant but I can't express how jealous I am right now, before find out I was pregnant I was working on myself getting back into shape and it was a slow process but I got to 197 from 215 in 2 weeks I was proud and I promised myself to never see 200lbs in my scale but ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been scared to work out etc now I'm 223 pounds and that's the BIGGEST I've ever been in my ENTIRE LIFE I'm struggling to put in effort to look at myself in the mirror I'm outta style I'm stuck with leggings and a long tshirt I'm soo embarrassed of how I'm looking my son wants to go out etc Im soo ashamed that I don't want anyone to look at me my hubby never found big girls attractive and I understand him it's his preference now I just want to lock myself in the house until I'm due... Is anyone feeling this way?