Question !


First month TTC. (We used preseed) Had my period the 1st- 6th. We did the deed on the 7th and 8th. My CM was mostly dry on the 7th, but changed to watery on the 8th. On the 9th my CM switched over to egg- white fluid but my husband left for a trip and that was the last time we did the deed. I didn’t have any noticeable fluid on the 10th, then yesterday, noticed it was back to egg white CM. 😫 I’m just confused, and don’t understand which time I was ovulating. I was hopeful when I had egg white CM on Tuesday because I thought that the timing would be perfect. Now that I’m noticing it again, I’m wondering if I’m ovulating now and wondering if the sperm would even be able to live at this point. (My husband is now on a trip out of state) Can you ovulate twice?