How to make my husband scream my name as he climaxes. (TMI!)

Ok, here's the story. I have been married to a wonderful man for 2.5 years. He always makes me scream and cum when we have sex. He is slowly but surely trying out BDSM with me per my request. So I really have nothing to complain about. HOWEVER...

I don't think he enjoys sex with me. He says he does, but he usually doesn't say much while he is inside me, just is very quiet. No lip biting (except once) no moaning, no dirty talking, nothing. Just silence. If he didn't tell me that he climaxed I wouldn't know. If I wasn't moaning and talking dirty myself, the room would be dead quiet.

I am worried that I am boring to him. He says he will never cheat, and I believe he never will, but I still want to satisfy his needs. Not just that, but I want him to NEED me. I want him to have dreams about me, and to not be able to get me out of his head.

Also, I almost always initiate. I almost always suggest the position, rough or soft, etc. I am pregnant and feeling really self conscious lately, and I feel unwanted, even though I know he doesn't mean for me to feel that way. He is really a great man.

Ladies, please suggest ways that I can not only pleasure my man, but have him going crazy thinking about me every waking moment. I want him to moan, even beg for me, and to scream my name when he climaxes.


EDIT*** I have asked him to be more vocal. He says he tries but he doesn't want to fake anything.