Bri • 25 🌵

So, I don't have any questions or need for advice just need to vent! We've been trying for baby number two for about 11 months now, not trying super hard (according to fiancè lol) anyway my periods have been pretty consistent as in not late or anything for the past four months or so. Up until this month that is.. my period is now ten days late and I haven't gotten a positive test (took one this morning) I'm assuming it's late because I started working out last month, I've seen that, that can cause a late period. But when it was late I was so excited and now I'm so bummed because now I have to wait for my period to come and end before I can start trying again. It's so hard to stay positive and hopeful in this journey.

I'm gonna try maca root pills, I've seen those are very good for fertility.

Anyway, so sorry for the long boring post. Thanks to anyone that read it.

Stay strong mamas, we got this! ❤


12 days late now, took a test this morning but got distracted with my todder and didn't get to it within three minutes, theres possibly a line, but I am almost positive it's an evap. No sign of period yet either. Got the maca pills today though! Now we play the waiting game for period!