How do I tell my husband I’m pregnant if I’m not sure how he’s going to react?

Let me make it clear that I know he isn’t going to react BADLY. We’ve been having unprotected sex and he knows it’s a possibility, but I think he was hoping we’d have a few more months before conceiving.

I know he is going to be happy but I am not sure how excited his immediate reaction is going to be. Like I’m kinda split between thinking he’s going to start crying of joy and not care that it’s sooner than we wanted, or he’s initially going to panic and then come around and then be excited later on lol.

Basically I just feel like setting up one of those cutesy “you’re going to be a dad!” gift boxes may not be super well-received, and I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment if he isn’t initially as excited as I am. But at the same time I want to tell him in a really nice and happy way because we both do really want a baby even though it’s a bit of an early surprise :)

Any suggestions?? Do I just tell him “I’m pregnant” or do I try to do something more fun to get him a little more excited about it?