Emily • Not Slim, kind of Shady. Due Nov 2021

Does anyone else’s husbands not go to their prenatal appointments??? I’ve only been to 2.. he hasn’t gone because what he does for work, it’s just really hard for him to get off! But, my next appointment I get to find out the gender, so he said he’s going to try really hard to get off. (He works for him brother, so that’s kind of helpful!)... but my cousin is also pregnant and her husband has gone to every single one 😬

I guess what I’m saying is, it doesn’t bother me if he comes or not. I know he wishes he could, but my cousin acts like her husband HAS to be there... of course my husband wants to hear all about it when he gets home.. so he cares a lot. But.. I didn’t know if anyone else’s husband goes or not?...