Husbands.... 🙄


Anyone elses husbands acting "off"... 14 days till due date of our first baby and the talk of being induced next week and my husband is just like in lala land... keeping to himself. I asked him if hes okay and or little overwhelmed. He said yes and I asked because of baby and he said yeah. Essentially end of subject, because I then said whats your concerns... he said he isn't concerned. 🙄 why do men have to be so difficult, why can't you just SAY what you are feeling cause ya know.... I may very well feel the same way.. or why don't you just say something to me to maybe get any built up anxiety out? No... let's just keep it in, distance yourself and make me feel alone instead. It's so gosh damn frustrating. My husbands wonderful don't mistake my vent for otherwise.. but damn it I am so annoyed with it and my emotions and hormones got me ready to just snap sometimes and he doesn't deserve it so I talk myself down.

Another side note, anyone else's husbands decide to start freaking not one, but TWO giant ass housing projects when your 8mths pregnant 🙄🙄🙄🙄 for ef sake. Told my husband we may he talking induction at yesterday's appt due to baby boys size at 38wks and what's he do? He goes and plans getting our air duct work/furnace installed next weekend the 20th... you know when I am 9mths pregnant, due any day and possibly being induced on the 18th or 19th. Like seriously.